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  Thomas Jost c44c163ae6 Wrong percentage calculation in ffx-backup.py... 12 years ago
  Thomas Jost 077fe41977 Report upload progress through a callback function 12 years ago
  Thomas Jost 1732ca5761 Add license to every source file and include COPYING for distribution 13 years ago
  Thomas Jost bb2cf85362 Support for GnuPG encryption 13 years ago
  Thomas Jost a9848678c7 Use of standard module optparse for command line parsing in ffx-backup.py 13 years ago
  Thomas Jost ddc92aa4bc Support for upload to FileDropper in ffx-backup.py 13 years ago
  Thomas Jost 1e2ac66fbf First version of the Firefox profile backup script 13 years ago