Synchronize notmuch mail across machines
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  1. * Changes in release 6
  2. Clarified that it's okay to link against OpenSSL libcrypto.
  3. Update to format man page with recent versions of pandoc.
  4. Improve some error handing and error messages.
  5. * Changes in release 5
  6. Fixed a race condition that could cause a core dump on fast networks
  7. when flow-control logic kicked in.
  8. * Changes in release 4
  9. Updated for GCC 7 header changes (thanks Toke Høiland-Jørgensen).
  10. * Changes in release 3
  11. Cleaned up a few compilation warnings.
  12. Added help command to --server mode.
  13. Added --newid command-line option.
  14. Limit receive buffering to 128 MiB in response to complaints from
  15. users with more email than swap space who cannot initialize replicas.
  16. 128 MiB should still be enough to get full network utilization.
  17. * Changes in release 2
  18. Work around missing openat because of reports it is missing on some
  19. versions of Mac OS X.
  20. New configuration option muchsync.and_tags (from Brian Sniffen).
  21. * Changes in release 1
  22. Various compabitility fixes for Debian Wheezy (thanks Simó Albert i
  23. Beltran).
  24. Allow ./configure WFLAGS="-Wall -Werror" to specify warnings (still
  25. use -Wall by default).
  26. For git only, make fetch pre-formatted muchsync.1 over http
  27. when pandoc not available.
  28. Fix a bug where tags containing '%' characters were not properly
  29. handled (thanks Brian Sniffen).
  30. Portability fixes for Mac OS X, which does not have clock_gettime.
  31. Clarify in man page that muchsync uses a trash directory instead of
  32. actually deleting files.
  33. Catch exceptions to exit rather than dump core on error.