Synchronize notmuch mail across machines
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# Intro

Muchsync is a mail synchronizer for notmuch. The project homepage is

# To get latest the muchsync software, run:

git clone

# To build it after a git checkout, run the following:


[Note: you need pandoc to build the man page, otherwise ``
will fetch it from the web.]

# Using

Muchsync assumes that it's on your path on the server, but you can
specify the path on the command line with -r. If you are tracking a
development version, you can put a symlink to the executable in your
home directory on all machines, and then run:

~/muchsync -r ./muchsync server

Of course, initial clones are kind of slow, so you probably want to
see what's happening. You can add -vv before server to see what is
happening locally, and -vv after to see what is happening on the
server. For example:

~/muchsync -r ./muchsync -vv server -vv

# Getting started

On the server, initialize the repository by running:

muchsync -vv

On the client, to create a new replica from scratch, run one of:

muchsync --init=/path/to/new/inbox -vv server -vv

muchsync -r ./muchsync --init=/path/to/new/inbox -vv server -vv