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smd-check-conf.1.txt 738B

  1. NAME
  2. smd-check-conf - checks smd configuration file
  4. smd-check-conf [endpoint]
  6. smd-check-conf performs some sanity check on a configuration file.
  7. It mainly tests the translators for a configured endpoint.
  8. The test consists in listing local and remote mailboxes, calling
  9. the translators, displaying the result to the user and checking for
  10. round trip (i.e. that the translators programs behave as inverse
  11. functions on the current input).
  12. Refer to smd-config(5) for a longer discussion on translators.
  14. endpoint Is the suffix for the name of the configuration file to use
  15. FILES
  16. ~/.smd/config.*
  17. SEE ALSO
  18. smd-translate(1), smd-config(5)
  19. AUTHOR
  20. Enrico Tassi <>