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smd-uniform-names.1.txt 861B

  1. NAME
  2. smd-uniform-names - renames local mails as on the remote host
  4. smd-uniform-names [-v|--verbose] [endpoint]
  6. smd-uniform-names is useful to migrate from offlineimap to smd.
  7. offlineimap may name the same email differently on the local and
  8. remote host. This utility generates a script to be run on the local
  9. host to uniform the names to the remote ones.
  10. The utility generates the script '~/' that has to be run
  11. by the user.
  13. -v --verbose Verbose output
  14. endpoint Is the suffix for the name of the configuration file to
  15. use. If it is omitted, the configuration file
  16. ~/.smd/config.default is used.
  17. FILES
  18. ~/.smd/config.*
  19. ~/
  20. SEE ALSO
  21. smd-pull(1), smd-push(1), smd-config(5)
  22. AUTHOR
  23. Enrico Tassi <>